Черная пятница!
Пятница? Встречаем! Не пропустите самые горячие скидки в этом году!
Множество вкусных предложений только у нас, сегодня и все выходные! Торопитесь, предложение действительно до понедельника!
Halloween 2016 is here!
In the end of October we celebrate this jolly (and creepy) festival - Halloween of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, falling leaves and trick-or-treats. Join us in festive activities we prepared for you!
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New Server - Nanban!
The XVII century marked the beginning of trade conflict between Spain and Japan. Stand with Kamakura shogunate of choose the side of Spain in the emerging conflict of interests. Take advantage of new artifacts and reworked unit stats to expand your reach on the territories and dominate the enemies! And keep in mind: there are no contours on this server!
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